Saturday, January 29, 2011

What about the victim??

Recently in my area we had a news story about a local firefighter who was being accused of child molestation.  According to the news this man was high on "spice" and molested a 9 year old girl who was a close friend of his.  The little girl told her mother about the incident and the molestation was also confirmed by another child who was there and witnessed it.  This "local hero" was arrested on charges and booked into the local jail.  While in jail the perpetrator attempted suicide by hanging himself with bedsheets and was listed in critical condition at a local hospital.  A week after he attempted suicide he was taken off a ventilator and pronounced dead.  Apparently the friends, family and local fire department had a candlelight vigil bedside for this accused molester.  New reports have focused on him, his family and the local fire department.  After his death, friends and family wrote beautiful messages of love for this man.

My frustration is this:  What about the little girl he is accused of molesting?  I know she is a minor and her identity is being protected but why isn't there a "bank account" set up for her well being just like there is one set up for the family of this perpetrator?  If this ha nous act was committed then how is she suppose to go on with her life knowing that the community is forgiving and supporting the accused molester?  What about her parents?  I had one gentleman on facebook tell me that "She isn't a victim until he is proven guilty".  What is wrong with people??!!!  How can you say she isn't a victim?  My response to that gentleman was to look the little girl and her parents in the eyes and say that to them.  I am absolutely disgusted in my community right now.  I am almost ashamed to say I live in the city that I do, knowing that people are supporting him and his family and there is no mention of the true victim!

My last question is this:  What if it was your daughter?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's in a blog??

So what's in a blog?  Is it a daily post about myself?  Is it diary or journal of my feelings?  Is it an opportunity to express my feelings to complete strangers?  I've always been curious about blogs but have never considered until now to try one of my own.  Honestly, Ive never even read or followed a blog.  One could call me a "blog virgin".  In any case, Ive decided to give this a try and see where it takes me or if it changes who I am or what I believe in.

Since today is my first blog, I am not putting too much pressure on myself to write something that can change the world.  I'm simply free writing my feelings about blogging.  In all honesty, I don't have the first clue as to what to write about.  Maybe I'm just writing down my thoughts right now, hoping that something will pop into my head.  At the same time...who will read this?  Is anyone interested in what a 33year old mother of 2 has to say?  I'm an ordinary girl from an ordinary family with an ordinary life.

Maybe I'm just looking for inspiration.  Something to Inspire me.